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At Frank we love making things better for ourselves and our clients, and we constantly strive to think about solutions in new ways. As a team we read widely, and we love discussing and sharing new ideas, new ways of working, time saving hacks, and ways to improve ourselves, the way we work, lead and live. We hope you find these articles useful and stimulating! 


The procrastinator’s guide to writing a business plan.

by Linda Hodgson, 23/Apr/2019
Hands up. Did someone – a business mentor or advisor perhaps – once tell you that you needed to write up a business plan? And did you find it a fun experience?
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Cost management and cutting your expenses

by Ronit Ghaiee, 22/Apr/2019
Operational costs are likely to be one of the biggest areas of expenditure in your business. And the more it costs you to produce your products and/or services, the smaller your end profit will be.
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Eight ways to successfully implement and embed change in your business

by Linda Hodgson, 21/Apr/2019
Research by Kotter International found that more than 70% of change projects within a business fail. Why is this?
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Keeping debt low through proactive credit control

by Hamish Baker, 19/Apr/2019
Having a large amount of debt in your business is bad for cashflow, weakens your overall financial health and brings down your credit score as a business.
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Bringing your A-game

by Linda Hodgson, 16/Apr/2019
Success in sport is all about playing your A-game. It is about being the best you can be through preparation and training leading up to the game, and through your your actions during and after the game - showing modesty and humility in success and...
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Focus on accountability and get more done

by Hamish Baker, 16/Apr/2019
Most business owners understand that the only way to ensure something gets done is to document what is expected, assign it to the right person, and set a due date. But what do you do if the task isn’t done? What are the consequences of this inaction?
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Get in control of cashflow

by Hamish Baker, 13/Apr/2019
It’s a well-worn phrase, but cashflow really is the lifeblood of your business.
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What’s the point of market research?

by Linda Hodgson, 10/Apr/2019
A successful small business needs to have customers making purchases, ideally over and over again. You can make that an easy decision for them, by finding out (and providing) precisely what they need.
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Six things to consider for online accounting software in your retail business

by Ronit Ghaiee, 09/Apr/2019
A lot of retailers are now using online accounting software for their businesses. There’s a good reason for that - it can make all the difference when it comes to managing your retail business.
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What is reckless trading - and why does it matter for Directors

by Linda Hodgson, 18/Mar/2019
You will have read that four Directors of the failed construction company, Mainzeal were ordered to pay $36m to unsecured creditors. In the opinion of Justice Cook, the Mainzeal directors had traded recklessly, particularly by allowing the mostly...
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